Perfect Pill Reminder

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Forme et santé Médecine
Développeur Byoni
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The Perfect Pill Reminder is an easy to use and comprehensive pill reminder designed for your iPhone.

- Set powerful reminders easily

The reminder feature has been designed to be powerful, yet easy to use (a hard task to get right!)

You can set a reminder by simply making a sequence of choices. For example do you want to be reminded at all and if so on what days of the week and at what time? Would you like to repeat the reminder again during the day and if so how many times, and at what interval.

The Perfect Pill Reminder makes entering this information easy, and provides a summary description, describing in english the reminders you have set up.

- Add medication with or without reminders

You may take medication on an irregular basis but would like to log it so you can look back later to see what time you took the medication or see how many doses you have had. A common example would be a pain killer you can only take every 4 hours.

You can add this type of medication to the Perfect Pill Reminder without setting a reminder. It then becomes available on the medication tab and you can simply tap its name and click add to diary. Its as easy as that!

- Smart sorting

The Perfect Pill Reminder automatically groups items when they are scheduled to be taken at the same time. You get a single reminder for all your medications, and they are grouped together in the diary and due soon windows.

All this is automatic, all you have to do is add your medication and tell the app when you want to be reminded to take it, simple!

- Passcode protection - no problem!

Details of your medication may be private, and you can keep it that way. The Perfect Pill Reminder lets you add a passcode that will be requested each time you start the app, keeping your information away from prying eyes.

While a passcode is set any reminders will simply say you have medication due. Simply start the app and enter your code to see what is due!

- International support & custom entries

While many drugs have the same name worldwide, there are many different names in use in different parts of the world.

With the Perfect Pill Reminder you are not limited to medication available in the States. You can enter the name of any medication and if it is not found you can add the type of medication, dosage, quantity etc yourself.

- No need for an internet connection

If you find yourself in an area without signal or internet, dont worry!

You dont need an internet connection to use the Perfect Pill Reminder, everything is stored locally on your phone.

- Includes the FDA Drug Database

The FDA Drug Database is automatically checked while you enter the name of your medication. If your drug is found in the database the Perfect Pill Reminder will provide a list of matching drug names and pre-fill many fields for you.

- Export your medication history

You can export your medication history from the app with just a couple of clicks. The history is sent via email in a csv file which can be opened in most spreadsheets.

- Quick Notes

Do you want to just make a quick note without setting up a medication at all. You can do so from the notes tab!

- No adverts

This version of the Perfect Pill Reminder is advert free.

- Dropbox backup & sync

You can use a free Dropbox account to backup your data and keep multiple iPhones in sync.

- Support from the authors

We take a lot of pride in our applications, if you find something you would like the app to do that it currently does not please let us know.

It is our aim to make our apps as perfect as possible and we appreciate your feedback!