Perfect Pill Reminder App Reviews

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Perfect 5 Stars !!

Does exactly as it says!! The more I use this & along with the updates I have come to use this app solely for reminders. I even use it to remind me for when my dog needs hers as well. The customer support is absolutely superb above & beyond over all my other apps I have ever used. Also drop box has been added which NO other pill reminders have. This is so very needed for more than 1 device or when updating the iOS. I have never given any other app 5 stars and praise as I have with this!! I am NOT affiliated with them in any way so be assured this review is from just a plain old folk as you. I guarantee you will love this app. God Bless :))

Great product

Works very well. It keeps me on a better schedule with my meds than ever. Great work!

Good but still rough around the edges

I like the features but the execution is a bit buggy. The UI lags at times, causing you to press things you didnt mean to press because your press it twice or accidentally. Some screens dont have a cancel options, forcing you to change something you dont want to change because you are in a screen you didnt mean to be in because you tapped twice when you meant to tap only once but you did it twice because of the lag. Its got the right idea, and I will stick with it for now, but I hope to see these performance issues fixed.

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